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The Tunisian response to the Covid-19 pandemic – When the state of exception overlaps with the state of emergency

1 juli 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic entered a peak phase in China and was becoming more and more threatening in Europe, Tunisia very quickly deployed a preventative response, conscious of its health system’s weakness to contain such a crisis. The first measures were thus put in place on 26 January, with the installation of thermal cameras and, as of early March, the development of isolation practices for symptomatic people and 14-day self-confinement for asymptomatic people from at-risk areas.

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Uganda’s de facto state of emergency to address the Covid-19 pandemic

11 juni 2020

In light of Uganda’s recent experience with dealing with the Ebola Virus Disease, the country has very quickly developed a comprehensive plan to contain the spread of Covid-19. Preventive measures were taken as of March 18th, before any cases were recorded in the country. By the time Uganda had recorded its first case on March 22nd, health workers were already on high alert and the promotion of preventive behaviours, such as regular hand washing, was already largely implemented.

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Gezamenlijke verklaring : Bescherming van de rechten van gedetineerden tijdens de Covid-19 pandemie

24 maart 2020

Aan de regeringen van de Lidstaten van de Afrikaanse Unie en aan de internationale mensenrechtenorganisaties in Afrika

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