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17 July 2015

International Justice Day: the future lies in the past

Brussels – The Day of International Criminal Justice is known as the date of the establishment in 1998 of a permanent International Criminal Court to prosecute and try those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. But this day is first and foremost dedicated to those who chose not to ignore the past. Many across the world have decided to stand up and allow for the truth to be told openly and widely.


27 February 2015

Crimes of Bogoro: International Criminal Court’s first acquittal Upheld

ASF regrets the decision by the ICC today to reject the Prosecutor’s appeal in the Bogoro case. This ruling puts an end to proceedings against former warlord Ngudjolo Chui for crimes committed in the Congolese village. Besides the legal debate, this ruling leaves victims without any answers as to who was responsible for the crimes they suffered.


7 May 2014

Congo: unsatisfactory verdict for crimes committed in Minova

ASF believe that the ruling passed by the North Kivu Operational Military Court can only be a first step towards the search for the real culprits of the atrocities committed in the town of Minova in 2012. More than a thousand victims of rape and looting wait for compensation, as well as the truth about who was responsible.


10 February 2014

Victims of the “Terminator” await crucial stage in proceedings

As the International Criminal Court begins its evaluation of the charges against Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda today, ASF reiterates that the safety of the 922 victims taking part in the procedure is paramount.


26 November 2013

En RDC, ASF apporte une assistance légale aux victimes de crimes internationaux © ASF/Bahia Zrikem

ASF represents victims at The Hague

On 22 November, as part of the Assembly of States Parties, Avocats Sans Frontières led a side event to promote victim participation in International Criminal Court proceedings. This was a first, as never before has such an event been entirely dedicated to hearing the voices of victims.



17 September 2020

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