5 September 2015

ASF concerned about attacks on the right of defence in Burundi

In the current context of intense repression of political protest In Burundi, the rights of those arrested are being threatened by the practices of certain authorities. The illegal detention of a lawyer by police forces on 2 September highlights the intimidation practised with regard to these protectors of rights. ASF and the Bar Association of Bujumbura are calling on politicians and members of the judiciary to respect the constitutional principles of the country.


26 June 2015

Degrading and inhuman treatment is not inevitable

Brussels – On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) recalls that countless people are also victims of inhuman and degrading treatment. These practices often arise from appalling detention conditions in many countries in a post-conflict situation or in transition. ASF is calling for a reduction in the use of detention.


19 May 2015

Burundi: Lawyers mobilise to defend the rights of arrested persons

While the situation remains tense in Burundi, Burundian lawyers are pressing ahead with an active campaign to provide legal assistance. Mr Salvator Kiyuku, president of the bar association at Bujumbura Court of Appeal, explains the background to this operation initiated by the bar association and supported by ASF.


13 April 2015

ASF at UN Congress on Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention

At the 13th United Nations Congress on Criminal Justice, held in Doha (Qatar) until 19 April, ASF will be sharing its experience in post-conflict countries and countries in transition, during 2 side-events. The first one (on 14 April) will address the role of the justice system in democracry-building in Tunisia. The second one (on 16 April) will focus on pre-trial detention.


12 February 2015

ASF condemns the continued detention of journalist Bob Rugurika

ASF questions the legality of judicial proceedings against the journalist Bob Rugurika and his continued detention ordered by the high court of Bujumbura on 4 February 2015. ASF calls on the Burundian authorities to ensure absolute respect for the law in this case and for the fundamental rights of Mr Rugurika, director of Radio Publique Africaine.


12 January 2015

The conditions of detention in DR Congo violate prisoners’ rights

Overpopulation, poor hygiene, no healthcare, little food… the situation for detainees in DR Congo is very concerning. In order to combat the conditions of detention and their impact on prisoners’ human rights, ASF and RCN Justice & Démocratie jointly organised a round table on the “Right to justice: detention in DR Congo”.


28 October 2014

Preventive detention in Burundi: ASF rallies actors in the penal chain

Bujumbura – “Preventive detention must remain last resort”: this is the message of the broad campaign launched by ASF, together with the Ministry of Justice in Burundi. Citizens, lawyers, judges, prison staff…this action concerns everyone involved in the penal chain, in order to ensure that an infraction does not automatically mean that the individual concerned is arrested and held in custody.


21 January 2014

Pre-trial detention in Uganda: «Will I die here?»

According to a research conducted by ASF and the University of Toronto, one person in three in Uganda is detained well beyond the periods pre- scribed by law. To adress this, ASF is promoting access of detainees to a fair trial. 48 years old Mariam is one of the detainees released from the Women prison of Luzira thanks to the assistance of a lawyer trained by ASF.


7 August 2013

Uganda lawyers tackle lengthy pre-trial detention

Prisoners in Uganda are being kept too long in pre-trial detention. This violates their right to a fair and speedy trial as well as the presumption of innocence. It also deprives them and their families of their right to work. With the support of the Uganda Law Society, Avocats Sans Frontières has therefore launched a pilot project to provide free legal representation for woman prisoners.


17 June 2011

Long detention before trial in Uganda violates rights

Kampala, Uganda – Keeping detainees in prison for long periods without trial is in violation of the Uganda Constitution and international human rights law, finds Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) and the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto[…]



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