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21 January 2016

Uganda: the first LRA rebel to appear before the ICC

Kampala, Uganda – ASF welcomes the confirmation of charges concerning Dominic Ongwen, a commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group, being held before the International Criminal Court today. As a victim-centered organization, ASF believes that this is the first step towards justice for the many victims of one of the longest conflicts in Uganda. ASF hopes that justice will be served, those accountable punished and that victims are able to receive redress and reparation.


19 November 2015

International crimes: reduced sentence for the warlord Katanga

The sentence of the Congolese warlord Germain Katanga has been reduced and will end in January 2016. Such is the decision taken on 13 November by the judges of the International Criminal Court. ASF is considering the consequences of this decision for the future of cases before the Court and especially for the participation of victims in proceedings. Victims and the Congolese authorities are also afraid of the destabilising effect of Mr Katanga’s return to the Democratic Republic of Congo.


16 November 2015

Crimes against humanity in DR Congo: First conviction in the province of Maniema

ASF welcomes the conviction of a senior commissioner of the Congolese National Police for crimes against humanity. In its ruling on 31 October 2015, the Military Court of Kindu sentenced Colonel Amuri Pia Abraham to 15 years in prison for the rapes, torture and imprisonments carried out by his men in several villages in May 2012. This decision, the first conviction of its kind in the province of Maniema, demonstrates the commitment of the Congolese judicial system to continue the fight against the impunity of perpetrators of crimes against humanity in the DRC.


20 August 2015

The many faces of international justice (4/4): Uganda

Over the summer, ASF is bringing you the latest news about international justice. This week, Jane Anywar Adong, Project Officer in Uganda, tells us about some recent breakthroughs in the field of international justice. The Ugandan Supreme Court’s refusal to grant amnesty to Thomas Kowoyelo, Dominic Ongwen’s transfer to the ICC… discover how these events were experienced by victims and the communities affected.


13 August 2015

The many faces of international justice (3/4): Burundi

Over the summer, as part of the Crossroads project, ASF is bringing you the latest news about international justice. This week, Adrien Nifasha talks to us about advances in international justice in Burundi. The country is undergoing a political crisis for the past months. This exceptional situation obviously does not mean the end of victims needs with regard to access to justice; quite the contrary.


6 August 2015

The Many Faces of International Justice (2/4): Nepal

Over the summer, as part of the Crossroads project, ASF is bringing you the latest news about international justice. This week, Prashannata Wasti, who works for our partner INSEC, shares the latest news from Nepal. Find out how last April’s terrible earthquake is interfering with access to justice.


30 July 2015

The many faces of international justice (1/4): DR Congo

Over the summer, as part of the Crossroads project, ASF is bringing you the latest news about international justice. Our teams on the ground give you the lowdown. This week, Dominique Kamuandu, International Justice Programme Coordinator in DR Congo, gives us his impressions of the progress made and what is still to be accomplished.


17 July 2015

International Justice Day: the future lies in the past

Brussels – The Day of International Criminal Justice is known as the date of the establishment in 1998 of a permanent International Criminal Court to prosecute and try those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. But this day is first and foremost dedicated to those who chose not to ignore the past. Many across the world have decided to stand up and allow for the truth to be told openly and widely.


27 February 2015

Crimes of Bogoro: International Criminal Court’s first acquittal Upheld

ASF regrets the decision by the ICC today to reject the Prosecutor’s appeal in the Bogoro case. This ruling puts an end to proceedings against former warlord Ngudjolo Chui for crimes committed in the Congolese village. Besides the legal debate, this ruling leaves victims without any answers as to who was responsible for the crimes they suffered.


27 February 2015

ASF welcomes the conviction of warlord Kizima Lenine

ASF welcomes the decision to condemn Kizima Lenine Sabin, war lord in the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. This decision demonstrates a real will on the part of the Congolese justice system to combat the impunity of war crimes and severe violations of human rights committed by armed groups within its territory.



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