Access to justice and development

8 March 2019

Digging for power: Women empowerment and justice amidst extractive industry developments in Uganda

Joining in the celebration of women across the world today, ASF releases its analysis of the progresses and shortcomings in achieving women’s rights in Uganda’s extractive industry context.


22 May 2018

Doubt and hope: young people’s views on local governance in Tunisia

For nearly three years, ASF and I Watch have been assisting the involvement and constructive participation of Tunisian citizens in local governance relating to natural resources. A survey of young people’s views was carried out in the mining regions of Tataouine and Medenine. Analysis of the results reveals their lack of trust in political institutions in the run-up to the municipal elections that took place on 6 May.


12 December 2016

Lawyering for Change: implementing change through law: an international challenge

Over 250 participants, including fifty speakers from fifteen different countries around the world, met in Brussels for ASF’s Lawyering for Change conference. The aim: to develop the idea of change through lawyering together. The event highlighted the need to widen the role of lawyers and to enable those seeking justice to take greater action in a global situation where millions of people in both hemispheres have no access to justice.


6 September 2016

Pro bono lawyers contribute to sustainable development

ASF calls for the strengthening of pro bono practices, which can bring about positive and sustainable change among societies and justice systems. This message has been shared at the 5th Pro Bono Conference held in Bali last week, and will be further disseminated in other international events.


16 June 2016

Access to justice and sustainable development: the missing link?

Promoting the rule of law at the national and international levels, and ensuring equal access to justice for all are part of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. The effectiveness of justice and the rule of law are central to the establishment of sustainable peace and development in post-conflict countries. But how can we prove this? This is the question raised by ASF during the European Development Days.


29 April 2016

A lawyer appealing before the judges

Breaking fences between access to justice and development

During an event on access to justice and international development on April 25, ASF highlighted the need to integrate impact indicators and empirical findings into access to justice programmes and go beyond the Sustainable Development Goals framework. This convening was organised jointly with the American University Washington College of Law Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law. It brought together key academic, policy and operational actors, who offered their insights on this critical issue.



13 June 2019

12 June 2019

12 June 2019

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