18 August 2014

Rehabilitation for 244 Tunisian military

Twenty-three years after they were accused of attempting a coup d’état, 244 soldiers were rehabilitated at the end of July on Republic Day, at a ceremony presided over by Moncef Marzouki, President of the Republic of Tunisia. ASF welcomes this official rehabilitation as a positive sign that mechanisms for dealing with the past and for transitional justice are being implemented.


16 June 2014

Victory for 311 Tunisian workers

Tunis/Monastir – ASF welcomes the recent judgments of the Monastir trial court, which require five companies to pay compensation to 311 female workers who were wrongly dismissed in 2013. This judgment emphasises that respect for workers’ rights is obligatory for all employers operating in Tunisia, including multinational companies established in the country.


15 May 2014

Tunisia : people finally get their voices heard

Even after the revolution in 2011, when faced with everyday problems, people in Tunisia often have no other choice than to take to the streets to express their discontent. Formal participation mechanisms, such as town hall assemblies or meetings with administrators, are not always accessible and/or available to them. ASF helps marginalised populations to enter into dialogue with local authorities.


14 February 2014

The right to a fair trial should become a reality in Tunisia

Everyone looking for justice must be guaranteed the right to a fair trial as defined by international standards. This is what the Observation Network of Tunisian Justice, created by ASF in partnership with the Tunisian League for Human Rights and the Tunisian National Association of Lawyers.


14 January 2014

Tunisian transitional justice on the retreat

Three years after the revolution, Tunisia is still struggling to demonstrate genuine will to implement real transitional justice mechanisms. Avocats Sans Frontières is concerned about this situation that risks creating an atmosphere of impunity for perpetrators, and non-recognition for victims.


7 December 2013

What’s the point of human rights if there is no access to remedy?

On the occasion of Human Rights Day on 10 December, ASF notes that rights are not effective if so many people in vulnerable situations cannot access remedy for human rights violations. This is especially the case in countries emerging from conflict or in transition.


22 October 2013

The Tunisian justice system should guarantee fair trials

The Observation Network of Tunisian Justice (ROJ) calls for reforms of the justice system and revisions in judicial practices in order to guarantee fair trials for the Tunisian population. Through its recommendations, the ROJ, created by ASF and its partners, aims to contribute towards creating a judicial system capable of guaranteeing the rights and freedoms for all.


3 October 2013

Seven African countries face the challenge of transitional justice

For countries emerging from armed conflict or liberated from an authoritarian regime, transitional justice is crucial to achieving reconciliation among former “enemies”. Exchanging experiences in this domain is important. Therefore, ASF gathered lawyers and experts from 7 African countries to discuss this indispensable step towards lasting peace.


18 December 2012

The “eyes” of the Tunisian justice system

Kasserine – Two years after the events that unravelled with the Tunisian revolution, transitional justice is a work in progress. The stakes are enormous: how can citizens learn to trust the justice system? To identify the necessary reforms, the “Réseau d’Observation de la Justice tunisienne en transition, (ROJ)” (The Observation Network of Transitional Tunisian Justice), supported by Avocats sans Frontières (ASF) is launching a recruitment campaign in different regions of the country.


12 April 2012

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Tunisia: ASF supports recognition of Human Rights violations

Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) is starting its activities in support of justice in Tunisia, cradle of the “Arab Spring” of 2011. The NGO is helping eight Tunisian associations to archive and to categorize several thousand case files on human rights violations.



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