20 June 2014

Yes, refugees do contribute to development

Bujumbura, Burundi – Do refugees contribute to the life and development of the country that receives them? For ASF, the answer is a clear yes. To mark World Refugee Day, ASF is launching an awareness-raising campaign in this regard in Burundi. This small African country, which is home to 50.000 refugees, is overflowing with fantastic stories of solidarity and hopes for the future.


7 December 2013

What’s the point of human rights if there is no access to remedy?

On the occasion of Human Rights Day on 10 December, ASF notes that rights are not effective if so many people in vulnerable situations cannot access remedy for human rights violations. This is especially the case in countries emerging from conflict or in transition.


3 October 2013

Seven African countries face the challenge of transitional justice

For countries emerging from armed conflict or liberated from an authoritarian regime, transitional justice is crucial to achieving reconciliation among former “enemies”. Exchanging experiences in this domain is important. Therefore, ASF gathered lawyers and experts from 7 African countries to discuss this indispensable step towards lasting peace.


24 July 2013

human rights defender south kivu drc congo

Being a lawyer, a high-risk profession

Whether they are members of civil society organizations, lawyers or media professionals, human rights defenders have a common objective: promote and protect human rights. They are often confronted with attempts to limit their work such as threats, harassment, and sometimes torture or even murder. That is why ASF and the East Africa Law Society are implementing actions of support and protection for HRDs in five African countries.


10 June 2013

The Batwa community in Gitega, Burundi

Batwa children in Burundi realise their right to education

Thanks to ASF, 17 children belonging to the minority Batwa are attending school. They were denied access to their village school not only because of the discrimination their community faces, but also because the school fees were too high.


12 August 2012

A National Legal Aid Strategy in Burundi: A first in the Great Lakes Region

Ensuring equal rights and guaranteeing access to justice for all citizens is a challenge, particularly in a country such as Burundi. Until recently, twenty organisations have been separately, without coordination…


15 June 2012

ASF supports Human Rights Defenders in five African countries

Nairobi, Kenya – Lawyers and other human rights defenders (HRDs) are often directly targeted when they speak out against local authorities who are at times responsible for human rights violations.


7 June 2012

The OLUCOME Trial: a verdict but no truth

Bujumbura/Brussels, June 7th, 2012- Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) believes that the verdict announced 22May does not reflect the whole truth surrounding the murder of Ernest Manirumva, Vice President of the Burundian civil society group, Anti-corruption and Economic Malpractice Observatory (Observatoire de Lutte contre la Corruption et les Malversations Économiques [OLUCOME]).


20 January 2012

ASF received honorary award for its action in Burundi

Burundian lawyers honour ASF with award

The Bar, on the day of its 62nd anniversary, has awarded Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) an “honorary diploma”. This distinction recognises the work that ASF has been carrying out for more than 10 years towards improving access to justice for those most vulnerable in Burundi.


4 August 2011

Burundi: assistance for people seeking justice should be strengthened

Brussels, 4 August 2011 – An important ASF study on legal advice and representation in Burundi promotes the establishment of a durable legal aid system in this central African country. According to the study based on a large opinion survey[…]



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