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Project “Improving access to justice for persons in vulnerable situations in Chad”

  • Budget: 811.358 €
  • Financed by: European Union
  • February 2014 > May 2016

The support provided to the three (OSC) partner organisations by ASF is both financial and technical. The financial support will enable the OSC to provide legal advice and judicial assistance services (AJJ) to the population – in particular to women, children and persons in detention, including in the provinces. The technical support will help the OSCs to improve the development, implementation and evaluation of their projects, share their knowledge, be more coordinated among themselves and make joint recommendations to the authorities in relation to AJJ.

Association des Femmes Juristes du Tchad

  • Project supported by ASF: “Improved access to the law and to justice for vulnerable persons in rural areas”.
  • Activities: Awareness-raising among women and children about their rights and duties and about the judicial services, legal advice, judicial/non-judicial assistance, training of staff in counselling centres, of general officers and traditional authorities (project management, listening techniques, judicial procedures, violence based on gender, rights of the child, etc.).
  • Locations concerned: Moulkou, Kim, Guidari, Dono-Manga, Béré and Lamé.

Association pour la Promotion des Libertés Fondamentales au Tchad

  • Project supported by ASF: “Contribute to an improvement in the rule of law and the administration of justice in Chad”.
  • Activities: Legal advice and judicial assistance, monitoring in prisons/detention centres, information and awareness-raising for the population about the law, training general officers and traditional authorities.
  • Locations concerned: N’Djamena, Koundoul, Bongor, Laï, Moissala and Abéché.

Le Public Interest Law Center

  • Project supported by ASF: “Legal advice and assistance for women, children and disadvantaged persons”.
  • Activities: Listening, advice and support in the courts, production of a report on the establishment of a legal insurance scheme, retraining of paralegals, training.
  • Locations concerned: Moundou, Bébédjia, Miandoum, Doba, Koumra and Sarh.

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