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Vulnerable people need your support. By making a donation to Avocats Sans Frontières, you are enabling more women, children and victims of torture and sexual violence to have access to justice and assert their rights!



so that 7 families receive assistance during the process of obtaining refugee status in Burundi

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so that people in Nepal have access to legal advice if they become victims of caste or gender-based discrimination

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can help protect a defender of human rights from the physical threats they face

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so that workers in insecure employment and textile workers in the Tunisian mining basin are able to assert their right to decent working conditions

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so that a victim of serious human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to exercise their right to redress before international courts

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...make a secure payment with your credit card or via online banking (you will be redirected to the secure platform iRaiser).


By donating to ASF's bank account, number 630-0227491-85 (IBAN: BE89 6300 2274 9185 – BIC code: BBRUBEBB), stating 'Donation' and providing your email address.

Before ASF visited the prison, I didn't know that I had the right not to be tortured. Ugandan prisoner

Support ASF's work in the long term

By opting for a standing order (minimum amount 3.50 euros per month in order to qualify for tax deduction), you are making a long-term commitment which allows us to plan our missions in the longer term. It's very easy: set up a standing order to ASF's bank account via your internet banking portal: BE89 6300 2274 9185 (BIC code: BBRUBEBB). You still retain control over the support you give us, because you can suspend the payments at any time.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Tax deductible

Your donations are tax deductible in Belgium. If your donations total €40 in a tax year, you will be able to deduct up to half of your contribution from your next taxable income.

What does ASF do with your money?

ASF devotes 86% of its budget to its programmes on the ground. Currently, most of our financial resources (94%) come from institutional sponsors. It is vital for ASF to have alternative funding sources as well so that it can respond to urgent requests for help, explore new areas of intervention, and ensure its independence. Your support is vital!

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