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The many faces of international justice (1/4): DR Congo

30 Jul 2015

Over the summer, as part of its Crossroads project, ASF will be bringing you the latest news about international justice. Our teams on the ground give you the lowdown. This week, Dominique Kamuandu, International Justice Programme Coordinator in DR Congo, gives us his impressions of the progress made and what is still to be accomplished. Continue reading

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International Justice Day

International Justice Day: the future lies in the past

17 Jul 2015

Brussels – The Day of International Criminal Justice is known as the date of the establishment in 1998 of a permanent International Criminal Court to prosecute and try those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. But this day is first and foremost dedicated to those who chose not to ignore the past. Many across the world have decided to stand up and allow for the truth to be told openly and widely. Continue reading

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TUN_loi anti-terrorisme_2015.07.07

Tunisia: Flaws in Revised Counterterrorism Bill

7 Jul 2015

Tunis – Tunisian legislators should drop problematic provisions from a new counterterrorism bill, nine nongovernmental organisations said in a joint letter to the parliament today. The draft would permit extended incommunicado detention, weaken due process guarantees for people charged with terrorism offenses, and allow the death penalty. Continue reading

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