Pro bono

27 February 2014

“Giving legal aid is like giving hope”

Promoting free legal aid is paramount in supporting access to justice for people living in vulnerable situations. Avocats Sans Frontières, in partnership with the Uganda Law Society, is mobilizing lawyers to defend the basic rights of Ugandans. Akello Suzan Apita is one of the 16 lawyers engaged in this endeavor.


2 September 2013

Looking for pro bono legal experts

The Avocats Sans Frontières International Legal Network provides an opportunity for lawyers to volunteer from time to time in support of vulnerable populations in need of legal and judicial assistance. To date however, despite its 800 members, this network lacks professionals in specialised areas of law such as international criminal justice and the organisation of legal aid services.


27 March 2012

Mr Alexis Deswaef, ILN member, during the Olucome trial in Burundi © Jean-Marie Ndikumana/ASF

To the 500 legal professionals working alongside ASF: thank you!

The International Legal Network (ILN), the international network of lawyers created by ASF in 2010, is pleased to welcome its 500th member. The arrival of this new member demonstrates the solidarity of legal professionals in support of those assisted by ASF.


27 April 2011

From the Brussels Bar to a tribunal in Haifa

Ms Maryse Alié is a lawyer at the Brussels Bar and a member of ASF’s International Legal Network. In this capacity, she has participated in several missions of judicial observation of the emblematic trial of “Rachel Corrie” in Haifa (Israel),[…]



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