6 August 2015

The Many Faces of International Justice (2/4): Nepal

Over the summer, as part of the Crossroads project, ASF is bringing you the latest news about international justice. This week, Prashannata Wasti, who works for our partner INSEC, shares the latest news from Nepal. Find out how last April’s terrible earthquake is interfering with access to justice.


10 December 2014

International justice is everybody’s business

On Human Rights Day, ASF recalls that international criminal justice is a collective issue. International crimes affect firstly the victims of human rights violations, but also their community, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, perpetrators and society. Under the slogan “Together for international justice”, ASF’s Crossroads campaign highlights the fact that countries emerging from a crisis or conflict will build their future by dealing with crimes of the past.


23 April 2014

Nepalese women’s quest to claim rights

In Nepal, when a man abandons his wife and family it is common for the woman to be left in the lurch as destitutes. Women are systematically denied their rights under the law especially property rights, inheritance and alimony. ASF in partnership with local bar associations, plays a crucial role in not only empowering women’s awareness of the law to claim their rights but also accompanying them through the legal processes.


7 December 2013

What’s the point of human rights if there is no access to remedy?

On the occasion of Human Rights Day on 10 December, ASF notes that rights are not effective if so many people in vulnerable situations cannot access remedy for human rights violations. This is especially the case in countries emerging from conflict or in transition.


27 November 2013

Law Talk Aired Out

Kathmandu – How does one ensure that people know their rights when a large part of the population is illiterate, poor and lives in remote rural areas? In Nepal, community radio is a perfect medium to raise legal awareness and disseminate information. ASF has been broadcasting radio jingles and talk shows on subjects such as gender and reproductive rights, child rights, and anti-discrimination laws, prompting people to share their stories and participate in legal discussion on the air.


20 September 2013

Nepalese women lawyers improve knowledge of medico-legal techniques

Courts dealing with criminal cases take forensic matters as first hand evidence. A training organised by Avocats Sans Frontières supports women lawyers to improve their practice concerning medico-legal subjects, especially in cases of women’s rights violations.


3 June 2013

Nepalese lawyers help counter human trafficking

Enhancing people’s access to justice is crucial in the fight against impunity for human trafficking in Nepal. Together with its partner NGO and the local district bar, ASF is organising mobile legal clinics as a way to counter this widespread phenomenon. Thanks to these mobile legal aid centres, communities are sensitised about their rights and are provided with counselling when they face legal problems.


8 March 2013

Les femmes peuvent obtenir justice avec l’aide d’avocats et ASF

Access to justice reinforces women’s rights

Brussels/Geneva – On International Women’s Day, Avocats Sans Frontières calls for more efforts in bringing gender-sensitive laws into force. Effective access to justice will help women in fragile and post-conflict contexts claim their human rights thus improving their living conditions.


20 February 2013

Accused of witchcraft, Laxima Dangoriya

Nepal: Woman accused of witchcraft was able to access justice

Rupandehi, Western Nepal – In a small rural community, a 28 years old woman accused of witchcraft was beaten by villagers. Supported by ASF’s partner – the Forum for Protection of People’s Rights (PPR) – and legal aid lawyers, she filed an official complaint with the police and brought her case to the local court. Accusations of witchcraft are recurrent in remote villages in Nepal.


25 June 2012

Prison de Mbandaka, RD Congo - Myriam Khaldi

Combating torture: Beware of “false victories”

Brussels/Bukavu/Kathmandu, 26 June 2012 – On the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on 26 June, Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) reiterates the need to ensure torturers do not escape punishment.



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