Law students dedicate themselves to more access to justice

7 November 2012

Leuven 7 November 2012 – As they did last academic year, the Flemish Law Student Society (Vlaams Rechtsgenootschap – VRG) of the Catholic University of Leuven is organising activities to collect money for Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF). Around €1,500 was donated to ASF last year, and with this successful action, law students of Leuven are providing an inspiring example to other student societies and organisations.

VRG’s renewed support for ASF is positive news. “Supporting an international organisation specialised in promoting access to justice and human rights is an obvious choice”, explains Birte Schorpion, in charge of public relations for the VRG. “ASF is active in issues closely linked to the studies and interests of the students. This definitely motivates them to take part in our fundraising activities, such as breakfasts and parties”.

With this initiative, the students aim to contribute to ASF’s work in favour of people for whom access to justice is difficult, if not impossible: people living in poverty, pre-trial detainees, children in conflict with the law, victims of sexual violence and international crimes, and other vulnerable groups in developing and post-conflict countries.

“Injustice is a widespread problem. In Peru, I saw how difficult it is for women who are victims of domestic violence to take the step to legal assistance. They mostly end up in the street where they live in poverty”, adds Anke Vanopbroeke, another VRG member. “You can’t deal with these issues at the same time everywhere in the world. But through targeted projects in specific countries, you can make a difference”.

“We warmly welcome these kinds of initiatives”, says Gilles Van Moortel, fundraising officer at ASF. “It is not only a symbolic gesture giving us moral support; they really contribute to our projects in countries like Burundi, Nepal and Tunisia”. ASF would like to use this opportunity to thank all the students and professors for their support and donations collected.

“With our initiative, we also hope to counter our image of being just partying and drinking students. We would like to show that our activities also include social commitment”, concludes Birte Schorpion.

By choosing to support ASF, the students of Leuven are undoubtedly working for more access to justice and encourage other students to launch similar initiatives.

Cover picture: The Flemish Law Student Society (Vlaams Rechtsgenootschap – VRG) of the Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven 2012 © ASF
Picture: Anke Vanopbroeke & Birte Schorpion, in charge of public relations for the VRG, Leuven 2012 © ASF

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