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Rehabilitation for 244 Tunisian military

18 August 2014

Twenty-three years after they were accused of attempting a coup d’état, 244 soldiers were rehabilitated at the end of July on Republic Day, at a ceremony presided over by Moncef Marzouki, President of the Republic of Tunisia. ASF welcomes this official rehabilitation as a positive sign that mechanisms for dealing with the past and for transitional justice are being implemented. Continue reading

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The Kalima project: Defending freedom of expression

8 August 2014

Rabat (Morocco) – Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) launches its training and awareness-raising programme as part of the project for the promotion of freedom of expression and the protection of persons such as journalists and bloggers. This project, known as Kalima, is taking place in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, in a region which is undergoing a significant political transition. It also marks the opening of an ASF office in Morocco. Continue reading

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International crimes, national courts

17 July 2014

Brussels – Victims of human rights violations need to see justice being done to increase their confidence and participation in the justice processes. Today, International Justice Day is being celebrated throughout the world to encourage an emerging system of international criminal justice. Since 1996, ASF provides active support to the prosecution of international crimes before national courts of the affected states. Continue reading

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